✅ Crane operator training in Senegal

A crane operator's job is to operate lifting equipment at height. The task of the crane operator is to move and distribute materials on site with a crane equipped with cabin. It is a professional activity that requires a lot of concentration and know-how. Discover in this article the crane operator training in Senegal.

Crane operator training in Senegal and their tasks

Crane operator training in Senegal prepares students in the handling of cranes, which are often heavy machinery. Indeed, the training revolves around crane assembly, placement and start-up.

The tasks of the crane operator

He often sees to the correct starting of the machine and he checks if the loaded weight corresponds to the limits provided. So, above all the crane operator must be able to read and interpret the graphs in the dashboard. He must also monitor the site and distribute various materials such as reinforced concrete, concrete blocks, scaffolding. He is in charge of the maintenance of the cranes and takes care of the lubrication, the maintenance of the cables and the brakes. The work can be done night or day depending on the progress of the site.


Training to become a crane operator in Senegal       

Crane operator training in Senegal is often done in the short term. Indeed, through seminars and practical courses. If today a lot of training leads to a license or a master's degree. Crane operator training prepares candidates for certificates. The learner receives hands-on training with certification. In addition, the certificate will allow him to prepare as part of a work-study or professional contract.

Crane operator training centers in Senegal      

The profession of crane operator is very present in the market with construction sites and works in the autonomous port of Dakar. But there are not enough training schools in the field. Indeed, most training schools prepare crane operators for certifications.

Training Center for Port and Logistics Professions (CFMPL)

The training of the CFMPL was set up to meet the labor needs of the port sector. Indeed, the CFMPL training prepares for all the trades which turns to the authors of the handling. To do the training, you must be an employee in a company, have at least 3 years of experience and the baccalaureate. In addition, the training is done within 1 year with eighteen modules to learn. It is not free. In fact, you have to pay CFAF 1,100,000 to do the training.

Training Institute for Handling and Logistics Techniques (IFTLM)

The CFMPL offers certifications in the operation of handling equipment. Indeed, by following their training, you will have a certification in lifting machinery, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. You will also have a certification in road safety. To learn more about their training, request a quote on their official website.


Crane operator training in Senegal offers many opportunities. Indeed, the crane operator can work on gantries, overhead cranes, port sites, or even in handling companies. In Senegal, the job is done at the Autonomous Port of Dakar and on major construction sites such as building construction sites.

Crane operator training in Senegal ensures you a full-time job in the construction industry or at the port. It is a profession in high demand in the job market.

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