✅ DER funding 2021, everything you need to know

The DER is a financing organization set up by the State to support and finance young project leaders. Registration for the program is officially open. However, to obtain a fund from the Manageable Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship, it will be necessary to meet a number of conditions. Find out in this article everything you need to know about the 2021 DER funding.

Eligibility conditions and financing sector

The 2021 DER funding is not for everyone. Indeed, this program promotes the entrepreneurship of women and young people.

Is eligible for the program any woman aged at least 18 without distinction and any man aged 18 to 45.

2021 DER Funding Sector

The DER program is based on a project approach that generates a value chain in order to create a sustainable ecosystem. In addition, if you are a project leader in one of these sectors of activity in Senegal, you are eligible for the program.


If your project affects areas of agriculture such as:

  • Rice production or the establishment of mini rice fields
  • The marketing of agricultural seeds
  • Setting up agricultural farm
  • The establishment of a processing company
  • Setting up a processing unit
  • Financing nurseries and market gardeners
  • The establishment of exporter of oilseed products

Fishing and aquaculture

The projects below are eligible for the DER program:

  • The modern hatchery
  • Manufacture of extruded foods
  • Closed
  • Fiberglass canoe financing
  • Financing of refrigerated vehicles and ice factory

Salt production  

Is eligible for the program:

  • Producers in regions like Kaffrine, Kaolack, Fatick
  • Salt traders and cooperative organisations, etc.


  • Poultry farmers in Thiès and Dakar who plan to move to dedicated production areas
  • People who want to set up a slaughterhouse
  • Anyone wishing to set up as a breeder, veterinarian or agricultural supplier
  • And people who want to set up a charcuterie

The Der also finances projects in the crafts, industry, transport and services sectors, as well as the digital economy.

How to compile the application file for DER 2021 funding?

The application file for DER financing 2021 depends on the amount you want to borrow.

For a request of 500,000 F CFA

The project leader must provide these documents:

natural persons 

  • National ID card
  • A document that certifies the request for a sum between 500,000 and 5,000,000 CFA francs
  • If applicable, a professional card
  • A certificate of residence that is at least 3 months old

Legal persons (companies)

  • National identity card of one or more leaders
  • The legal status of the company
  • Application file for financing between 500,000 and 5,000,000 CFA francs
  • Financial statement if the business is in operation

For the request for financing of more than 10,000,000 CFA francs, you must provide these documents:

For natural persons

  • A photocopy of your national identity card
  • A request for formalization assistance
  • A funding request of more than 10,000,000 CFA francs
  • A certificate of residence of at least 3 months
  • A business plan

Legal persons (companies)

  • CNI photocopy
  • A NINEA or an RCCM
  • Legal status of the company
  • A funding request for an amount exceeding 10,000,000 CFA francs
  • Company accounting

What are the 2021 DER funding and registration processes

The financing of the DER 2021 goes through several stages. Indeed, the candidate must compile a file which will consist of a CNI, a certificate of residence plus a project report.

Once all the documents have been gathered, the candidate must go to the site www.der.sn to make deposits. Once the file has been received by the DER, it will be studied and will be followed by an acceptance or a refusal.

If the file is accepted, the organization will start making funds available through the competent banks.

The registration process

Registration for the funding program is done through their official website www.der.sn. Once connected to the platform, submit your application through the form pre-established by the agency. After sending the registration request, you will receive a confirmation message by SMS or email. The content of the message will be accompanied by a link that will allow you to send the additional documents.

That's all you'll need to participate in the DER funding program. Now, it's your turn to play.                                                                                     

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