✅ Digitalization in Senegal

Senegal has entered the era of digitalization. Indeed, public and private companies are turning to digital to boost their performance and facilitate the use of their product. This rush towards the computerization of systems is facilitated by the presence of digital agencies. The latter play a major role in the transition. Find out in this article digitalization in Senegal.

What is digitization?

Digitization is a process that aims to convert or transform a task or process into computer code to make it more efficient. For example: a company can digitize its product catalog by putting it online, which will allow it to attract more customers.

Digitization in Senegal: the example of Orbus digital

Orbus digital is a subsidiary of GAIDE 2000. It has contributed to digitization in Senegal and in the sub-region. The company mainly excels in the digital transformation of major sectors that encompass the economy. It has been ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified since 2013. In addition, it is one of the leaders in digitalization in Senegal. You can find more information about Orbus Digital by following the link: https://orbusdigital.com

The services offered by Orbus digital     

The agency is divided into several departments to better meet customer requirements. In addition, it offers various services including:

  • Digital transformation: indeed, it supports companies in digitalization. It offers consulting services to better offer its customers personalized offers. In addition, it supports companies in their choice of system adapted to their digital transformation.
  • Cybersecurity: digital transformation is accompanied by a security system for data protection. Indeed, security is essential for the sustainability of an information system. This is why the company offers solutions through various advice and the implementation of appropriate security protocols.
  • System integration in digital transformation in Senegal
  • Development aid: the agency also contributes to development. Indeed, it offers innovative services to support projects on education, health and justice.

Projects carried out by Orbus digital in Digitalization 

The company has contributed to digitalization in Senegal through various projects on health, justice, trade. Here are some examples:


On the judicial level, the agency designed the Seninfogreffe platform for the Ministry of Justice. This platform now allows notaries and lawyers to have access to company registry documents. These documents are digitized, it concerns most of the companies established in Senegal.

Still on the judicial level, the company has set up a website on behalf of one of its clients. The latter gives the opportunity to consult the hearings and decisions rendered at the Commercial Court. Indeed, it also made it possible to automate the system. This gives the opportunity to seize the commercial court online.

Youth education and employment 

Orbus digital designed on behalf of its client ADEPME the web platform for business plan competitions for the first editions. Indeed, it made it possible to digitize the different phases of the competition, which allowed the submission of applications online until their study.

Other agency achievements

The agency has also participated in digitalization in Senegal in various other areas, including trade and business.

foreign trade

The agency, on behalf of its client COSEC, has set up a slip collection platform with online payment. In addition, the platform allows shipments to be tracked to their destination. This allowed elimination of the use of the paper in the import and export of materials.

Business climate

Orbus digital has designed a consumer complaint counter for the ARTP (Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority). Indeed, thanks to the platform, customers can make their complaint or claim online. This happens through a form that changes depending on the type of complaint entered by the customer.

Digitalization in Senegal is happening gradually. Indeed, administrative procedures are increasingly accessible on the Internet. This saves time and makes the process easier.

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