✅ Date of revision of the electoral lists in Senegal 2022 for the legislative elections

The date of revision of the electoral lists 2022 for the local elections is scheduled from March 7 to 31 2022. Indeed, the offices set up for this purpose will open their doors throughout the national territory in order to allow voters to register or change their place of voting.

What will be the task of the review commissions set up?

According to the press release of the date of revision of the electoral lists 2021, their task will be to register new voters. In addition, they will allow people who wish to change polling stations to do so, and also to update the electoral lists by deleting the names of deceased persons and those who wish to remove their names from the electoral lists. Their role does not stop there. Indeed, they are also responsible for giving soldiers who have become civilians a new biometric identity card.

The updating of electoral files will also allow 18-year-olds to recover their voter card.

What documents are needed to register to vote?    

Anyone wishing to register on the electoral lists must hold a national identity card and a voter card.

To register on the electoral lists, you must present:

  • A photocopy of your national identity card
  • A residence certificate

If you wish to change your place of voting, you must appear before the review commission established in your prefecture or sub-prefecture. Also, don't forget to bring with you:

  • A valid residency certificate
  • And your voter card

Be aware that if you do not register on the scheduled date of revision of the 2021 electoral lists, it will be impossible for you to do so afterwards. Also, if you decide to change polling stations, now is the time to do so.

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