✅ CFPT competition / Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level

Competitive exam cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level

The Technique cfpt vocational training center is the result of a collaboration between the Senegalese Republic and Japan. Indeed, the purpose of this institute is to train young people in industrial maintenance jobs. It is accessible to Senegalese graduates of bac series S and T. Discover in this article the modalities to participate in the competitive examination cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level.  


Training courses accessible by competition at the cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level

For training, you have three options. Indeed, each option gives you the opportunity to do a different course. Also, you can choose Option A which allows you to compete in electromechanics, mechanical maintenance and metal structure. In addition, you can submit your application for Option B composed of automation, industrial computing, electronics and electrical engineering. And finally option C which once successful will allow you to be trained in refrigeration and air conditioning or in Civil Engineering.

Where will the competition take place?  

The cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level competition is organized each year at the Senegal / India entrepreneurship and technical development center and at the CFPT school at the airport road near the CICES. In addition, you can also do the competition at Maurice Delafosse high school in Dakar.

What are the conditions for admission to cfpt /Senegal – Japan?

To do the training, you must be of Senegalese nationality and hold a baccalaureate degree series S or T. In addition, you must be 18 years old and not older than 23 for the year of the competition.

What documents are required to participate in the competition?

To take the cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate exam, you must submit the following documents to the DECPC at Avenue Bourguiba opposite Senelec.

  • A duly completed registration form to be collected from the DECPC
  • A certified photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma
  • A birth certificate
  • A legalized photocopy of your national identity card
  • You must also attach to the documents a sum of 6000 F CFA as application fees

How are the tests for the cfpt competition carried out?

For those who have chosen option A, they will complete mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and metal construction in 3 hours as a written test.

For option B, candidates will compose in mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and physical science. However, the tests last 3 hours each, marked with a Coef4.

Option C allows registrants to do tests such as physical science, electrical engineering, refrigeration and metal construction.

The cfpt /Senegal – Japan baccalaureate level competition allows you to train in industrial maintenance. For more information on this contest, send "contest btsi to 26123".

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