✅ Baccalaureate level public service competition in Senegal

You want to work in the function. You have two options. Indeed, you can go through direct or professional competitions. However, the competitive examination for the public service baccalaureate level are only accessible by the direct route. Some entrance tests are followed by training, others give you direct access to employment.

Competitive examinations at the level of the baccalaureate level public service in Senegal

Each year, competitive examinations at baccalaureate level are organized in the civil service. These relate to justice, administration, finance, etc. In addition, each of these public sector entrance tests has its own requirements. Here is a non-exhaustive list.


In terms of justice with the baccalaureate, you can do two competitions:

Clerk's competition

The competition takes place every year. If you have a baccalaureate diploma, you can take the test directly. But above all, you must be of Senegalese nationality and be aged 33 at the most on the 1er January of the competition year. You must also meet the conditions for access to the public service.

Special educator 

Candidates of Senegalese nationality holding a baccalaureate can compete as a specialized educator. The only requirement is to be under the age of 32 on the 1er January of the competition year and meet the conditions for access to the public service.

The application file

To participate in the competitions, you must provide the following documents:

  • A handwritten request addressed to the director of the judicial training center
  • A resume
  • A certified photocopy of your baccalaureate diploma
  • A certificate of seniority in the public service
  • A stamped envelope with your name


The main administration competition is the entrance examination to the National School of Administration (ENA). At the end of your training, you can be a civil administrator, auditor at the Council of State, auditor at the Court of Auditors, etc.

The ENA competition  

The competition is organized every year and allows access to a limited number of positions. With a baccalaureate diploma, you can do cycle B of the ENA competition. Also, you must be 18 and under 33 on the 1er January of the competition year.

Other baccalaureate level public service competitions in Senegal

There are also baccalaureate level public service competitions which are organized occasionally for the recruitment of agents in the public sector. Among these entrance tests, we can cite:

  • Executive secretary
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Senior medical-sanitary technician
  • Pharmacist, A2 categories, etc.

Access to the civil service by recruitment with the baccalaureate diploma  

The job offers offered by the public service are accessible to Senegalese whose age group is between 18 and 35 years old. To have more luck, candidates must enjoy their civic rights and be suitable for the position applied for.

Application submission

Applications are submitted exclusively on the civil service recruitment platform (www.emploi-public.sec.gouv.sn ). Once on the site, you can fill in your personal information and the desired position and submit your application.

There are not many baccalaureate level public service competitions. But in general, they allow you to access the civil service through training. You can also try your luck on job offers.