✅ Scientific preparatory classes in Senegal

Scientific preparatory classes in Senegal

The purpose of the preparation courses is to prepare you for competitions and professional life. During your training, you will learn many methods that will help you face the challenges ahead. You will learn to work efficiently and quickly, as well as develop your ability to synthesize information. Want to know more about the scientific preparatory classes in Senegal ? We talk about it here.

Preparatory classes for engineering schools (CPGE) in Senegal

A new school year is coming and with it, a new novelty: the preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles. These classes will open their doors in October 2022 in Senegal. They aim to prepare students for entrance examinations to the most prestigious higher education establishments in Senegal and abroad. The course is short but intense, designed to train elites who can climb the ladder of scientific progress.

Admissions conditions   

Access to scientific preparatory classes in Senegal initiated by the government is through a rigorous selection. To join the program you must have a Senegalese high school diploma with the honors very good or good. That's not all, the admissions committee bases itself on the results obtained in the baccalaureate and the application file.

What are the documents to provide?   

To submit your application, you must compile a file consisting of the following documents:

  • Two passport photos
  • Photocopy of the baccalaureate transcript
  • A handwritten request addressed to the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Photocopy of your national identity card

Other schools of scientific preparatory classes in Senegal  

If you do not meet the requirements for public schools, you can enroll in private training schools. Indeed, ESIEE Paris in partnership with the Central Polytechnic School of Engineers (ECPI) Senegal, offers you very rich preparatory courses. The advantage is that you can continue your studies in Senegal or in France.

These courses are open to students holding the Serie S baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma and wishing to pursue higher engineering studies. They are designed on a modular basis.

BTS CYCLE (2 YEARS – Baccalaureate admission series S/L2)
* Cybersecurity
* Embedded systems  

Information and registration

Telephone/whatsapp: 77 636 59 37
website : https://ecpi-edu.com
To submit your registration file: https://ecpi-edu.com/inscriptions

The program

Do you have a bachelor's degree and want to embark on a career as an engineer? The ECPI offers a preparatory cycle only accessible with a baccalaureate series S. In just two years, you will learn everything about the teaching of engineering subjects. You can register for the MPSI/MP preparatory cycle. In the first year you will learn Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Sciences in the second years Math and Physics.

You will be prepared for the French preparatory programs for entrance to the Grandes Ecoles in mathematics and physics. At the end of the course, you can study engineering at ESIEE Paris or ECPI. Registrations are in progress! Classes start in November 2022.

Scientific preparatory classes in Senegal offer many advantages and allow you to better prepare for your future. You have questions ? Feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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