✅ Accelerated computer graphics training in Dakar

The accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar make it possible to create, use and process images by computer using various software. Today, with the era of marketing, companies increasingly need infographics to promote their brands. How to do a short course in computer graphics? We take stock in this article.

What are the objectives of the accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar?

The objective of the accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar is to allow students to understand the different aspects of graphic design. Indeed, this happens through practical courses through various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. In addition, some trainers offer more in-depth short-term learning with special effects and web designer computer graphics.

Schools that offer accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar 

There are many schools that offer accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar. Indeed, you will find them everywhere in Dakar. Among these schools, we can cite:


It offers three training modules, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. Indeed, through the Photoshop software, it provides courses focused on image processing, Illustrator courses on vector drawings, and InDesign on page layout.

Registration with UP'TECH 

It gives candidates the opportunity to register with face-to-face courses in groups or individually. Face-to-face group lessons are organized by the school. Indeed, the number does not exceed 8 candidates. The timetable is defined by the administration. On the other hand, you can choose to do the training individually in this case, you will be free to choose your course hours. Registrations are made at the address www.uptechformation.com.

Training prices

The rates depend on the type of registration and the courses chosen. Indeed, for group training the price is 75,000 CFA francs or 20,000 CFA francs per module. In addition, individual training amounts to 180,000 CFA francs or 60,000 per module.

How are the courses at UP'TECH?

Classes are held face-to-face. In addition, all registrants must respect the wearing of masks and distancing. Also note that you must have a computer. In addition, the software will be provided by the school at no additional cost.

Accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar: Futuris formations

She offers computer graphics training based on DTP (desktop publishing). She teaches courses on graphic layout techniques, photo editing, vector drawing, but also editing and logo creation.

Who can do the training?

This training is intended for professionals and individuals who wish to train in computer graphics. The only requirement is to have basic computer skills.

The program

Computer graphics training at Futuris is 100 % hands-on. It is done through various software including:

  • Prepress – DTP that ensures the training of layouts in a professional way
  • Photoshop which will allow learners to learn retouching and image processing
  • And finally Illustrator which will be the main learning tool to learn vector drawing


You can do the course during the day spread over 120 hours or in the evening course which is done in 60 hours.


Registration is done on site. The school is located at 62 rue Carnot first floor in Ponty, Dakar.


Accelerated training in computer graphics in Dakar gives many opportunities in the job market. Indeed, if you have a degree in computer graphics you can work in multimedia companies, communication or advertising agency. You can also work in sectors such as:

  • The press
  • The movie theater
  • digital agencies
  • Computer graphics agencies

Accelerated computer graphics training in Dakar allows you to have skills that are in great demand in Senegal in a short period of time. Besides, it's a job that pays well.

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