✅ Accelerated cashier training in Senegal

As a cashier, your role will be to collect cash and pass on their records according to accounting techniques. You can work in shops, stores, supermarkets, exchange offices. Discover in this article the accelerated cashier training in Senegal.

The requirements to do an accelerated cashier training                                                          

Lessons in cash management in Senegal last days or sometimes even months. In addition, everything depends on the organizers and the number of registered candidates. It is accessible with a BFEM diploma for the most part. In addition, in some courses you must have the bac pro or the CAP level. To do this type of course, you must master computer management tools.

Accelerated cashier training in Senegal

The courses are organized by training schools and individuals. These are based on your availability. Indeed, you can do evening day classes or even on weekends. Here is a list of accelerated cashier training courses.


The school offers you accelerated training in cash management lasting two months. Lessons can be done according to your schedule. The training aims to train professional cashiers who will master the techniques and workings of the trade.


The objectives set by the training are:

  • Control of outflows and inflows of funds
  • Know how a checkout works
  • Control of cash inventory
  • And mastery of the bank reconciliation technique


The training will take place through projections and practical cases. Teaching will be done through software such as: Excel and sage.

Who can register for the training ?

This offer is open to the public, particularly people who wish to have skills in cash management. But also to cashiers and company employees who wish to raise their level in the field.

For more information on the training, you can visit this site www.cseiacademie.com.

ISDB (Higher Training Institute)

ISDB offers you accelerated training in accounting and cash management for a period of 7 months. The cost is 235,000 CFA francs payable in installments. The program is split into two semesters. Indeed, in semester 1, you will learn accounting, entrepreneurship and data entry. In the second semester the program is composed of accounting, English, etc. To pre-register, go to the website www.opef.sn.

Accelerated cashier training in Senegal: evolution of your career  

Depending on your training, you can progress in this profession. Indeed, you can acquire more responsibilities by occupying the position of assistant cash manager or cash manager. You can also convert to accounting. For this, you need to do accounting training. The latter will open other doors for you as an accountant or chief accountant.

Accelerated cashier training in Senegal is occasionally organized by professionals in the sector. To not miss any of these opportunities, visit our event page.