Events in Dakar in 2022

This page presents the events organized in Dakar. Indeed, you will find all the famous celebrations organized in Dakar. You want to know the date of an event, the place, the entry price, you are in the right place!


You will find the following events in Dakar:

  • Events organized around business and the professional environment
  • Various social cause celebrations
  • Culture-related events in all these forms
  • education
  • Excursions in Dakar
  • Events such as fashion shows, fashion and beauty days
  • Cinema-related events
  • eSports meetings organized in Dakar
  • Brunch, tasting and various events organized by restaurants in Dakar
  • Sports events through wrestling, football, etc.

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This page is not just limited to a static representation of events in Dakar. It gives you the opportunity to do personalized searches. Indeed, it allows you to discover the events organized in such or such date, the precise place with the exact price.

Finding events in Dakar on the page is very simple. Just fill in the information you have in the search bar.